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What is Home Care?

Home care is a professional support or service carried out by a caregiver in the comfort of the client’s home instead of caring for them in the hospital, retirement homes or long-term care facilities. It is also often called in-house care or domiciliary care. Nowadays, home care service is getting increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits.

What are the Benefits of Home Care?

  1. Comfort

One primary benefit of home care is the comfort that it provides. Your loved ones are able to stay in a place that they are already comfortable in. Thus, reduces the adjustment and stress.

  1. Safety and Security

Getting home care service provides your family and your loved ones peace of mind. Due to age, our elders are more prone to accidents and injuries.  Being in a familiar environment decreases the likelihood of slip, trip, and fall and other common injuries. 

  1. Receive Personalized Care

Unlike in a nursing home or long-term facility, you are assured that your loved one at home is provided enough time, energy, and attention that they need. Caregivers are able to provide personalized plans that are customized with your family’s needs.

  1. Affordable Cost

With home care, your family does not have to pay an extra amount for room and lodging. Home care is charged by the hour so there is more flexibility when it comes to cost. You can opt to get full-time or part-time caregivers for a few hours a day so it is more budget-friendly. 

  1. Family Involvement

With home care, your family is directly involved in your loved ones care plan. With a trusted home care agency, you will have better communication with your caregiver and care manager.  You are assured of ease of access and regular updates about your loved ones’ care condition.

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